Saturday, August 27, 2011

And this is why I like to keep my coupons with me. . .

I ran to Walgreen's to see what I could get using my $5 gift certificate I printed from their Walgreen's rewards program. I noticed that Hot Pockets were advertised as being 2/$2. That is a good deal for Hot Pockets, so I was interested. The sale was on the ham and cheese and pepperoni pizza Hot Pockets (did not seem to be on the Lean Pockets) so I went to buy a couple of the pepperoni pizza hot pockets and noticed there was only 1 left. Well, my kids HATE the ham and cheese hot pockets so I looked around and saw the Hot Pocket Snackers were $3.29 and I knew I had $1 off coupons and I could stack my manufacturer's coupons with Walgreen's $1 off 2 coupon so that would be a good deal. I thought I would need a filler item so I picked up a Milky Way Midnight cuz they are awesome and I was hungry! I got to the register and the Snackers rang up for $1.50! So with my stacked coupons they ended up being FREE! I did not use my gift certificate yet, just used a $1 cash to pay for my Milky Way and then went back to get more of the Snackers! I also picked up some soda that was on sale for $.99 (and gives me 5 times points on my Walgreen's card). So I ended up getting 6 Loaded potato Snackers (which will go well with a get together with friends later today), 5 2-liters of soda (also great for the party) and 2 Milky Way Midnight bars and only paid $1.20 out of pocket! Had I not had my coupons with me then the deal would not have been quite so good!

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