Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where do all of my coupons come from?

A friend asked me where I get my printed and clipped coupons so I thought I would create a post to answer that question.
Good 'ole fashioned Sunday Paper! You can subscribe to the Sunday only edition or you can just go out and pick up your paper (or papers) each week. Our local dollar store sells the paper for $1! That is already saving you money right there! But there is a limit of 3 per person and they sell our FAST, especially in a week with a lot of coupons!
Online coupons:
Coupons.com is a great and reliable site. Sometimes entering a different zip code will get you different coupons too.
Swagbucks.com is actually where I print the same coupons from Coupons.com since Swagbucks will give me 10 swagbucks per redeemed coupon! Sign up today and start earning free gift card for doing what you already do (web searches and printing coupons to name a few!) Tell them that proverbs31momto5@yahoo.com referred you!
Target.com has coupons too! The great thing about Target Coupons is that you can "stack" a Target coupon with a manufacturers coupon on the same item, at the same time! Many times this means huge savings at the register!
Eat Better America is a site that you have to sign up for (easy, takes about a minute) and then you can print coupons right away!
Red Plum offers online printable coupons similar to those found in the paper.
Betty Crocker has some great coupons as well again, you have to sign up for their site.
SmartSource is another online source for coupons
Box Tops for Education has some exclusive coupons (don't forget to save the Box Tops from the products!) They reset at the beginning of the month and have a limited amount of prints (when they are gone, they are gone, so print early in the month)
Many companies have printable coupons on their websites like:
Another great resource is All You magazine because it is PACKED full of coupons when you subscribe plus their online coupons and resources are amazing. You can visit their Grocery Store Roundup and it will give you the best deals on what you want in the stores near you. They will compare sales flyers and give coupon match ups (with the ability to print right away!) right there on their site!

You can buy clipped coupons from here:
Coupon De De pick what you want and order it! Either clipped or whole inserts!

And always, always, always contact a company via email or their 800 numbers you will be surprised how they will reward you! Contact them when you are happy too, not just when you are unhappy about their product!

Facebook coupons are also the newest trend too. There are so many companies that will give you a coupon in exchange for your "like".

Saturday, August 27, 2011

And this is why I like to keep my coupons with me. . .

I ran to Walgreen's to see what I could get using my $5 gift certificate I printed from their Walgreen's rewards program. I noticed that Hot Pockets were advertised as being 2/$2. That is a good deal for Hot Pockets, so I was interested. The sale was on the ham and cheese and pepperoni pizza Hot Pockets (did not seem to be on the Lean Pockets) so I went to buy a couple of the pepperoni pizza hot pockets and noticed there was only 1 left. Well, my kids HATE the ham and cheese hot pockets so I looked around and saw the Hot Pocket Snackers were $3.29 and I knew I had $1 off coupons and I could stack my manufacturer's coupons with Walgreen's $1 off 2 coupon so that would be a good deal. I thought I would need a filler item so I picked up a Milky Way Midnight cuz they are awesome and I was hungry! I got to the register and the Snackers rang up for $1.50! So with my stacked coupons they ended up being FREE! I did not use my gift certificate yet, just used a $1 cash to pay for my Milky Way and then went back to get more of the Snackers! I also picked up some soda that was on sale for $.99 (and gives me 5 times points on my Walgreen's card). So I ended up getting 6 Loaded potato Snackers (which will go well with a get together with friends later today), 5 2-liters of soda (also great for the party) and 2 Milky Way Midnight bars and only paid $1.20 out of pocket! Had I not had my coupons with me then the deal would not have been quite so good!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HOT! $10/$10 Purchase at American Eagle with Shopkick!

HOT! $10/$10 Purchase at American Eagle with Shopkick!
Might have to take the kids there later! They each have android phones. . .so I bet we could get it for each phone!

Belton Hy-Vee (1)

Belton Hy-Vee (1)
Hy-Vee Shoppers, it's time for another exclusive Facebook deal!

Starting today, Monday 8/15 - Sunday 8/21
KRAFT Original Blue Box Macaroni & Cheese just 39¢! Limit 1.

Just tell your cashier you have the Facebook Deal of the Week!

HyVee Weekly Coupon Matchups

HyVee Weekly Coupon Matchups

Friday, August 12, 2011

Superpoints Invites available!

Here are some Superpoints Invites!

It the invites are all claimed just email me and I will send you an invite via email! (proverbs31momto5@gmail.com)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Need a back pack?

Hy-vee in Belton (and I am sure the other ones too) have filled back packs for only $6.99 with an additional 25% off, which will be an additional $1.75 off. Yesterday evening there were not many left, so hurry up if you want to cash in on this deal! I do not know if they will be doing rain checks or not. Click here to see the contents.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Don't forget our Facebook page!

Don't forget to check out our Facebook page. . .especially today. . .I will be out shopping and uploading savings pics directly to the page today! It is TAX FREE weekend here in Missouri, so take advantage! Happy shopping. . .and most of all SAVING!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do you want to earn free stuff just by doing what you are already doing every day? I thought so! Join Swagbucks today and you will be on your way to free stuff! I have earned over 13 $5 Amazon gift cards for doing my normal internet searches! It really is that easy! Let them know we sent you by using either email: proverbs31momto5@yahoo.com or bsandcsmom2@yahoo.com. Then send all of your friends over to Swagbucks to start saving today!!!
Search & Win

Our first giveaway!

When our Facebook page hits 50 fans I will announce a special giveaway, so tell your friends!


This will be THE place for my BESTIE, Jana and I to Share Our Savings so that struggling families can get ahead! Look for more coming soon! Right now I am getting one child ready for college and another ready to take a driving test. . .and of course trying to clip coupons and clean the house for the going to college/birthday party!